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Tips for Renting the Right Home Staging Furnishings


Using rental furniture and accessories when staging a home in Sydney after vacating it will enhance your chances of selling. Potential buyers may have trouble visualizing themselves living in an empty house even though it may seem larger. 

The feeling of an empty room can feel chilly and uninviting, and it can be filled with echoes while buyers walk through it. It can be difficult to create a welcoming environment with a house that is full of empty space. A well-staged property will sell faster and for more money than an unstaged one.

A home that is empty can be difficult to furnish and decorate unless you have the right experience. Working with one of the best professionals in home styling Sydney has to offer can be helpful. Let's take a look at a few more tips for renting the right home staging furnishings. 

Rent Locally

One of the advantages of using a local furniture rental company is that you can support your community businesses. Rental stores that are close by may also be more known by family and friends who can provide valuable consumer feedback. Choosing a local furniture rental store can also reduce costs with lower delivery fees.

Neutral Colors

When staging a house, you want to show off the rooms, their space, and their functions. Staging is not meant to draw attention to the furnishings themselves. Select high-quality pieces that are attractive and practical. However, you don't want to choose furnishings that are too flashy and take away from the space. 

Include Outdoor Furniture

In addition to focusing on the interior of your home, you should also consider your outdoor areas. By keeping the outdoor color palette simple, you will be able to make it stand out compared to the surroundings. Try to create a universally attractive look, but not too flashy. 

Colors such as yellow, blue, and brown work well for staging outdoor spaces. Most rental companies offer colored throw cushions and accent decor to dress up the space. Don’t ignore your outdoor space, as it is an important part of your home that will be considered by potential buyers. 

Focus On Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be decorated sparingly and not packed full of furnishings. Potential buyers may have trouble imagining themselves living in the space if there are too many personal touches. Set up a sleeping space and some minimal storage to complement the size of the room. Oversized furnishings will make the room seem smaller. Depersonalize your space, take down any family photos, and eliminate all the clutter to create an inviting space.


Most staging companies offer fixed pricing for their furniture rentals. Make sure to ask other price-related questions about their top-end design options, delivery costs, and varied rental durations. Some companies may charge more to deliver to apartments or to help you unpack and set up your furniture.

If you are selling your home after moving out, having it correctly staged with rental furnishings can help you make a faster sale and get the price you want. 

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