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Small Bathroom Shower-to-Bathtub Renovation

This project was produced in partnership with The Home Depot.


The guest bathroom recently got a fabulous upgrade with the help of The Home Depot. This full bath is by the second bedroom and desperately needed some personality, plus some functional updates to bring it up to the level of the rest of the house. The main priorities included replacing the plastic shower kit and pedestal sink and adding in a small bathtub and vanity with storage. I enjoyed using a couple of key tools from The Home Depot’s website and mobile app to get all the help I needed completing this small bathroom renovation! Read on to see how the new design came together.


Bathroom Before


When planning a renovation, it can be hard to know how to start your budget! The Home Depot website has a super helpful that helps price out project expenses like this. I was able to get an estimate on the number of tiles needed for the shower walls which helped me narrow down my selections. I ended up with these square slate tiles which create a slightly rustic statement at the end of the bathroom. The dark color helps the shower area recede, which actually makes the space feel bigger!

It was super easy to pull the other products for the bathroom together with The Home Depot’s app – and especially the features like image search. You can search by snapping a photo or by voice and the search will let you know what’s in stock near you and the product locator shows you exactly where it is in the store. I searched on the go and added pieces to my project list to keep track of the overall design.

The first decision I made was the slate tile, which helped set the overall color palette for the bathroom. I chose a medium grey by Behr paint which softened the contrast between the walls and tile. The new small vanity, which was the perfect shallow depth for this small bathroom came with a perfect white cabinet, and all the fixtures I specified in a chrome finish to add a silvery shine to the space.

The clean lines of the looked especially great against the organic lines of the slate tiles. The hardest piece to find for this space was the tiny bathtub, which had to fit in the space of the shower alcove. This bathtub (just 48 inches long) fit perfectly in the space and I had the contractor install it around four inches above the floor to make it more of a foundation for the alcove.

To add a custom detail to the sink vanity, I found some really fun black-and-chrome pulls. This small change made all the difference in personalizing the simple cabinet! The new bathroom design makes me so happy, and I love how the green curtains tie in the new mural in the guest bedroom. The beautiful slate tiles, grey walls, and sleek chrome fixtures make the space feel so much more luxe and up-to-date.


The Home Depot had all the tools and solutions to tackle this small bathroom renovation. Check out the features in their mobile app to get started on your next project, and check out the thousands of online for more inspiration and how-tos on projects and home repairs.

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