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Most Eligible Atlantans: Full Interview

Kevin Francis O'Gara | Atlanta, GA | Jezebel Most Eligible 2021
This summer I had the honor of being included in Jezebel Magazine's Most Eligible Atlantans feature! I was so excited to be part of such a cool group of talented folks from around the city and had fun celebrating this annual feature. The magazine included just a few prompts for each person, so I though it would be fun to include my full interview below!

Most Eligible Atlantans 2021

Name: Kevin Francis O’Gara III
Job Title, Company: Interior & Product Designer, Kevin Francis Design
Age: 24
Where you’re originally from: Buckhead
Neighborhood of Atlanta where you currently live: Morningside
Where you went to college: Cornell University 
Your biggest turn-ons are: Quick wittedness and an appreciation for old jazz
Your biggest turnoffs are: Pessimism and no skincare routine
Your weekend go-tos in Atlanta are: Walking my dog Leopold in Piedmont Park, hanging out at the Lee+White breweries, and visiting the High Museum
Describe your ideal date in 1-2 sentences: A perfectly-set picnic at golden hour and a bottle of rosé 
Your favorite hobbies are: Painting, photography, and dinner parties
Your favorite restaurants in Atlanta are: St. Cecilia, Anis, O-Ku, and Bacchanalia 
The person who would play you in a movie about your life is: Harry Styles 
The TV show you could binge over and over again is: Mad Men 
The part of the body you notice about someone first is: His eyes and his smile
You know you’re in love when: I start picking up his phrases and smile at his texts 
Describe yourself in three words: Playful, spontaneous, old-soul
If someone peeked at your current playlist, they’d find: Chet Faker, Still Woozy, Lord Huron, and most importantly, Flo Milli
Your guilty pleasure is: The 'Gossip Girl' reboot
You can’t get enough of: Gazpacho, my favorite summertime soup
The person who inspires you most is: Fred Astaire 
The best advice you’ve ever been given was: My mom’s advice to “fill my vessel” – always be looking for more knowledge and inspiration
The person, dead or alive, you would want to meet most is: Marie Antoinette
Something people would never guess about you is: I was in the Opera in 4th grade
Your greatest ambition in life is: Five kids and a herd of poodles 
Your signature drink is: Gin and tonic 
The key to your heart is: Pesto
- Kevin

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