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Caraway's Bakeware Collection in my Kitchen

I'm a big fan of Caraway's cookware line as you might remember from this video, which explains the benefits of their non-toxic nonstick ceramic coating. Caraway recently released a brand new bakeware collection in all of their beautiful signature colorways, and the set even comes with a beautiful organizer (just like their cookware sets too).


I chose the Cream colorway to match my existing cookware (which I'm still loving and have used weekly for almost two years now). I can't wait to do some major holiday baking with these pans!

Caraway uses a ceramic non-stick coating, which is mineral based rather than chemical like Teflon. It is non-toxic and releases less CO2 than other non-stick coatings while you cook, making it more eco friendly too. I'm always in awe of their efficient recyclable packaging, and their orders always come with biodegradable trivets to protect your countertops. I'm also a fan of their organizational systems, which come with every product set!

Don't miss the chance to save up to 20% on Caraway's products for their annual Holiday Sale – the perfect chance to gift a set to the home chef on your gift list!

- Kevin

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