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How To Design A Stylish Garden Area

Around 77% of Americans participate in gardening activities, telling us we are a majority of green thumbs and outdoor enthusiasts. There is no shortage of a desire for garden upgrades when you are in this club! Suppose you are trying to create a more stylish garden area. In that case, it is essential to note that understanding your garden's personality – its position, direction, and outlook – is the key to a successful upgrade. 

Regardless of your garden's size, we have some tips to help you get cozy with the sunlight, embrace the shadows, and design a garden area that's super stylish and ready to impress.

The grand canvas of your stylish garden

Trends change rapidly, and those searching for style must keep up with what is in and out. If you look at exterior trends, one constant seems almost unaffected by changing tastes - a good lawn. Your lawn is the bold brushstroke that sets the entire scene, crafting the shape that becomes the cornerstone of your outdoor area. If your lawn is robust and well-defined, consider your garden on the right path to style supremacy. If it doesn't, this is where we start.

Your lawn doesn't have to conform to the conventional rectangle. Experiment with an oval, circle, square, or even an oblong shape to infuse a touch of uniqueness into your green canvas. If your lawn is losing its luster, focus on the holy trinity of sunshine, showers, and soil aeration. Trim back branches to banish excessive shade, and if the heavens aren't doing their part, water your green expanse once a week in the early morning. 

Pro tip: To enhance soil aeration, grab a fork, poke heaps of holes, and never shear your lawn too short! 

Adding a portable greenhouse

Once you have your canvas in place, add in some functionality. Style CAN be functional, and garden structures such as a greenhouse can serve both as a design element and as your produce hub.

Consider leveraging custom greenhouses for that touch of your personality, allowing your plants to withstand the elements. These style statements are crafted to brave the harshest weather conditions, offering a protective shield for your plants and a sleek addition to your garden aesthetic. Built to last, these structures result from clever design, ensuring they stand the test of time without breaking the bank.

Cultivate your veggies all year round and foster an environment where your plants can thrive. These structures are not meant to simply just be temporary shelters; they're a commitment to the flourishing green life in your stylish garden. 

Flowering plants weave a tapestry of beauty and charm

With plenty of pretty, flowering wonders, you'll bring life and vibrancy to your outdoor space. Create a stylish look with evergreen shrubs strategically placed at the borders to punctuate the landscape. Think box balls for a touch of petite elegance, or go grand with mahonia for those expansive areas. 

Now, as you fill the gaps, consider the art of restraint. Stick to a curated selection of five or six different flowering plants arranged in repeated patterns for a coordinated and harmonious effect. A border with a depth of a meter or more is perfect. Let the smaller plants take a bow at the front, with their taller companions standing proudly behind.

For those with a flair for defining spaces, narrow, low-planted beds work wonders – ideal for framing seating or dining areas. Evergreen-scented plants like lavender or Mexican orange blossoms in planted-up troughs can also delineate spaces with fragrant finesse. Climbers can also boost your garden's style, adding height without claiming precious ground. Opt for an evergreen climber like clematis – a beautiful and colorful display on the vertical canvas.

Adding sprawling canopies of mature trees 

Blocking the sun's harsh glare can be a stylish endeavor when you opt for mature trees. They possess the power to shield unsightly views, filter out the hum of urban life, and combat air pollution, offering a respite for your senses. Trees contribute significantly to nature, providing pollen for buzzing insects, bird shelter, and, of course, the whole life-giving oxygen thing that we all love.

Multi-stem trees are architectural marvels that redefine your garden's aesthetics. Picture layered underplanting, blending textures and hues, or letting them stand exclusively, a striking structural statement that transforms your garden. Trees give structure and architecture to a garden, whether a small acre gracing a balcony or the majestic presence of birch, whitebeam, or hornbeam in a sprawling space. There's a tree for every garden size and shape, so include them wherever possible.

Weave a stylish narrative with paving 

The color and layout of your chosen garden paving transcend mere functionality; they become the guiding threads that stitch your outdoor space into a visual masterpiece. Grey or white stones, laid haphazardly, conjure the charm of a French country garden, evoking a sense of rustic elegance. Conversely, black or silver paving, meticulously organized, becomes a sleek touch of modern chic. Golden stones, arranged in a mixed pattern, offer the quintessential charm of an English country garden.

The goal is to ensure your paving choices can harmonize with the vibrant personalities of your plant companions. Grey or white stones host purple and white blooms; black and silver paving, however, becomes the perfect backdrop for bold colors – reds, oranges, and yellows that pop against the contemporary canvas. Golden paving complements soft-toned flowers like pink, lavender, and chalky yellow, creating a garden that whispers romance and tranquility.

Pro tip: Instead of just jet-washing tired old paving, try large-format porcelain paving. Beyond its aesthetic charm, porcelain boasts the practical advantage of water resistance, requiring less maintenance and cleaning than traditional paving materials. 

Now for your interior...

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