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The Design In & Out List of 2023

JANUARY 16, 2023 - Written by Kevin O'Gara

Before we dive into my design In & Out list of 2023, I want to preface this with the reminder that there are no rules in design... and anyone's opinion in the world of art and style is always subjective. That being said, I find it interesting to be an observer of the evolution of home design and the waves of style, picking up new inspiration along the way. I've always felt that experimentation is one of the most important facets of developing personal style, so when it comes to "trends," I like to view them as sources of inspiration which can help introduce us to styles we may have overlooked before. I'm a firm believer in the design mix, so I love how a trend may help inspire a single addition to a room (rather than everything in the space). Without further ado...

Romantic loft bedroom design with linen curtain wall, steel framed windows, antique tapestry, and concrete floors on Kevin Francis Design

(via Katie Considers, photography by Hector Manuel Sanchez) P.S. This Tom Ford coffee table book is definitely on the out list... but the rest of the space is so worth it. Can you spot the antique tapestry?

In & Out: Interior Design in 2023

Quartzite and soapstone
Dark wood antiques
Warm-white light bulbs
Pleated curtains & lamp shades
Antique tapestries
Bullion and tassel fringe
Mixing polished nickel & brass
Bookshelves (filled with books)
Free-standing bathtubs
Small cabinet hardware
Reading your coffee table books
Period-appropriate wall trim
Grasscloth wallpaper
Mixing design styles
Shopping vintage
Taking your time

Gallery walls with plants
Color-changing lightbulbs/strips
Small sputnik chandeliers
Reproduction “vintage” rugs
(Faux) fiddle leaf fig trees
Matte gold/black metal
Recessed lighting
Seasonal decorating
Paneled accent walls
Gray-toned wood flooring
Stark white walls and exteriors
Poorly-made “dupes”
Quick makeovers
Exposed bulbs


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