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Blue Kitchen Makeover With Samsung Bespoke

This project was produced in partnership with Samsung.
The kitchen in Terrace Drive Project was the most daunting space to tackle, but unsurprisingly, turned out to be the most rewarding! All it took was some great inspiration, which came in the form of Samsung's swanky new Bespoke refrigerator collection. These ultra-customizable fridges look like pieces of decor with sleek colored glass and metal fronts that can be mixed and matched to your choosing. With this small kitchen, I selected a single-column model with a navy glass front that set in motion a crisp new color palette for the space. See how the new Bespoke refrigerator inspired an astonishing before-and-after below!

Before & After

Kitchen before Kitchen before
The navy glass looks so fresh in the kitchen and totally upgraded the look in here. I used a similar, but slightly more pigmented Behr Blue Nocturne to paint the cabinets and a fun border on the upper doors, and gold accents to complement the cool tones.
I love that the refrigerator has doors on the top and bottom, with freezer drawers for easy organizing (less digging around down there!). Like the high-tech Samsung smart refrigerator I shared last year, the storage in the top half is easy to reconfigure to suit your needs, from the shelving heights to the side bins.
This Bespoke collection can be customized to your space, whether you need two, three, or more columns with one door or two. You can also specify different colors on the top and bottom! Check out all the pretty finishes the front panels can come in:
I played off the dark blue with brushed brass hardware. I love the chunky round base and flat front of these affordable, modern gold knobs.
The window got an easy upgrade with a bamboo shade, a trio of leafy houseplants, and a new faucet to upgrade the sink.
Painting the floor with Behr Dolphin Fin (a great look-a-like for Sherwin Williams' popular Repose Gray) in their "Porch & Patio Paint" was game-changing! It gave new life to these old tiled floors and brightened the entire space. It feels so much cleaner in here now that it's painted!
I added a long runner with shades of blue and green on top to soften the space.  Last but not least, a new flush mount was key to upgrading this room. With super low ceilings, I had to find something with a low profile that would give a warmer, more welcoming light than the old fixture.
This gold LED flush mount looks great and is under $100 – plus the light color is wonderful.
It was so fun giving this kitchen a facelift! See more Samsung Bespoke refrigerators here

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