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Using Neon and Ember Tetras to Highlight Home Features

If you want to draw attention to a particular spot or area in your home, find something that will add life or color to it. Give people something aesthetically pleasing and unique. Set up an aquarium filled with neon and ember tetras.

Tetras are medium-sized, active, and bright freshwater fishes. They originated from South and Central America and are known for their playful nature and schooling behavior. With their vibrant colors, they can easily light up any room or space. Tetras are one of the most popular fishes for home aquariums. Of the many varieties, the neon and ember tetras are the ones commonly found in home aquariums.

Characteristics of Neon and Ember Tetras

Neon and ember Tetras are some of the most popular aquarium fishes. It is important to get to know them fully well before you put them in an aquarium.


These colorful fishes eat all food types but are more inclined to live, frozen, and dried food. Before feeding them, be sure to break down their food so they’ll find it easier to eat, and so they won’t choke. This is especially true for the Neon Tetras.

Generally, Tetras ingest insects, boiled vegetables, blood worms, pellets, Daphnia, and flake food. Their meat intake is regulated, so make sure you give them meat only two to three times per week.

Physical Traits, Behavior, and Habitat

Tetras have a small adipose fin and their body shape is streamlined. Their colors vary – black, silver, red, and electric blue.

Tetras, particularly Ember, are playful and have a good temper. They’re easy to take care of and manage. This is why many new and beginner aquarium users prefer Tetras in their tanks.

Neon and Ember Tetras are often found in flooded forests, streams, and rivers (the slow-moving ones).  Since they are schooling and shoaling fish, it is vital to keep Neon and Ember Tetras together. They swim in the same direction together.

For aquariums, Tetras should be kept in a group, with a minimum of six fishes so their natural behavior is replicated.


Fishes thrive in aquariums that mimic their natural habitat. For Neon and Ember Tetras, there should be a good open space for swimming (similar to the ocean) and several spots where they can hide. There should be plants as well, fake or live will do.

Put some decorations in the aquarium, too.

For first-time aquarium owners, starting with a small tank kit is recommended. Generally, however, Tetras are comfortable in tanks that are from five to at least 30 gallons.

Water Temperature in Tanks

Aquariums should have around 72°F up to 80°F water temperature and pH levels should be approximately 6.0-7.5. Additionally, there should be proper aquarium or tank filtration to ensure that the water is kept safe.

Aquarium Mates

Tetras are naturally friendly so they can easily adjust and co-exist with other Tetras varieties. However, several fish should never be allowed to tank with Tetras. This includes:

  • Parrot fish
  • Jack Dempsey
  • Oscars
  • Goldfish
  • Convict fish
  • Piranha


In some cases, Tetras may be difficult to breed but this could be resolved once they start to eat live food and the right water parameters are followed.

How to Use Your Neon and Ember Tetras to Beautify up Your Home

There are several ways that you can use your Neon and Ember Tetras aquarium to beautify an area, room, or corner of your home:

1. Use your tank to create a divider or partition so you can create two areas in your home. This is applicable to free-flowing houses or apartments. Be sure to use a long rectangular tank so air and light can easily pass through. It is a functional design that also uplifts your home’s aesthetic value.

2. Instead of placing magazines or books on your coffee table, why don’t you put an aquarium instead?  This will transform your living room into a relaxing space where you can spend time talking with your guests. The aquarium will add more depth to your living room, especially if your colors are all neutral.

3. You can also out your Neon and Ember Tetras fish tank in your children’s bedroom. This will not only get them excited, but they will also learn how to become responsible as they will have to take care of the aquarium (with your supervision, of course).

4.  A creative way of using your fish tank would be to transform it into a work of art. Instead of installing paintings and other works of art, try asking a professional craftsman to help you install your aquarium as a built-in accessory for your room. You’ll enjoy the calm and peace that comes with an aquarium!


A Neon and Ember Tetras aquarium can brighten up a dull day. All that you need to do is add the tank as an accent in one of your spaces or areas. Even rooms that have already been designed can still be beautified with an aquarium. Be sure to use Neon and Ember Tetras!

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