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Luxurious Outdoor Living: Deck Design Trends for Elegant Homes

Your home’s exterior elements should be just as luxurious and elegant as your home’s interior. If you have a deck and want to design it to reflect your home’s style and personality, you have a few options. You can overhaul an existing deck with the help of your custom deck builder, or you can design a whole new deck using your creative ideas, budget, and existing landscape space. 

Either direction you choose your design to create more luxurious outdoor living areas, one thing is certain — the more you get the exterior living space you have to reflect your elegant taste, the more you’ll enjoy it. You’ll realize it doesn’t take much to make your deck design stand out. Here are ways to locate the right deck builder for the job and great ideas to make the exterior living space of your home as elegant and entertaining as the rest of it. 

Selecting A Deck Builder

In the Nashville area alone, there are many construction, fence, and deck builders to choose from. This may make it daunting to select the right one for your elegant decking needs. However, you start by simply typing ‘deck builder Nashville’ into your favorite Internet search engine, then using the suggestions that pop up to guide you. 

You’ll be able to find a quality deck builder for your project based first on their reviews, and then on their business’s proximity to your decking project. From there, you can explore your custom deck builder’s portfolio and experience to determine if they are the best fit for your decking needs. 

Deck Design Trends For Your Elegant Home

Here’s the fun part: designing your elegant deck to make your home even more relaxing and welcoming. Here are some excellent deck design ideas to explore with your decking specialist. 

Mixing Materials And Mediums

Do you want a deck that is both functional and elegant in style? A common and engaging trend in deck design is the mixing of materials and mediums to create an architecturally alluring and unique deck design. The key to this type of decking construction is to create multiple focal points using both natural and man-made elements. 

For example, thick timber can be used for posts and railings of a mixed-medium deck, while the flooring and railing rails can be made of other material matter. Flooring can be completed with composite for a weather-proof and smooth finish, or finished with indoor-outdoor flooring like bamboo or soft carpeting for an alluring and comforting finish. 

Adding Solar Lighting

If you wish to entertain at all times of the day and want to bring the indoor elements outdoors, consider solar lighting. Not only is solar lighting an easy installation that doesn’t require the assistance of an electrician, but this type of lighting doesn’t cost anything as it relies on the sun to charge individual bulbs. 

The best part about solar lighting is that it's as attractive by day as it is by night when you choose the right bulbs. Naked and old-fashioned bulbs can be used in solar lighting as well as covered lights to give your deck a more elegant appeal. 

Adding Privacy Elements

A deck that is private in its allure is more inviting to be in and makes for a more intimate entertainment space. You can add privacy elements in many fashions, so consider any of the following ideas. 

A Privacy Wall

The part of your deck that directly faces a neighboring property or a busy street can be used as a privacy wall. This is a wall that is solid in design and possibly taller than other railings and walls of your deck, so it adds not just a privacy element, but an architectural one as well. 

Furthermore, a privacy wall can be fitted with a fireplace, firepit, shelving unit, or even an open bar to make your deck even more engaging and elegant for outdoor entertainment. 

A Solid Railing

A solid railing makes the entire deck feel more enclosed and allows your deck to feel more like the interior elements of your home. If you want to use your deck year-round, consider not just a solid railing but a canopy or other cover as well. 

A Natural Fence Line

If you want to bring in nature as a privacy line, you can create a fence line with arborvitae, Virginia creeper, ivy, or even other fast-growing shrubbery. These elements are a great way to tie nature to your decking system and can make your outdoor oasis calming and relaxing as well as elegant. 

Adding Final Touches

Your elegant deck can be made complete with final touches that make you feel like you’re indoors when you’re not. An elegant rug on the flooring of your deck creates a soft and comforting focal point. Indoor-outdoor plants can be placed in pots on the ground or on small tables to make the deck space feel more intimate and inviting. 

You can even put in wicker and other comfortable furnishings with a table to create a welcoming environment for relaxing with a book or entertaining guests. If you have a ceiling on your elegant deck, consider putting in a ceiling fan for more relaxation and modern appeal while circulating air for comfort. With the right added touches, your new deck can become the luxurious outdoor living space you have always wanted. 

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