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Integrating Modern Roofing Solutions into Your Home Design

Your home’s roof is one of its most important elements. Your roof is responsible for not just keeping your home protected against the weather and other damages, it also helps keep your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

An efficient and beautiful roof not only adds to your home’s curb appeal but can potentially add to your home’s value as well. Since a new roof can last as long as you own your home (and in many cases, even longer), it’s a worthy investment to make. You can even incorporate some elegant and modern roofing solutions into your home design to take your house to the next level. Learn signs your existing roof is ready for an upgrade (this is often based on the type of weather you have where you live) and learn about modern roofing solutions that will benefit you and your property for years to come. 

Signs Your Home Needs A New Roof — Your Location Matters

Where you live can impact how soon you need to replace your roof and the types of damages and repair needs this structure will need. For example, if you live in Alaska, heavy snowfall and ice damming will cause your roof to leak and sag over time, especially if heavy snowfall is happening every year and you don’t have repairs done every season. If you live in Kansas, your roof can be more susceptible to heavy storms and high winds, including tornadoes. This can lead to missing shingles, leaks, and damage from debris and branches on your Kansas City home, especially if it’s storm season.

Luckily, your existing roof should last for several years before it needs an upgrade. However, if your roof needs to be replaced or modernized, it’s important to have the work done right away so you can call your roofer in Kansas City right away. If your roof is leaking, has any sagging areas, has missing or warped shingles or panels, or is just too outdated for the rest of your home’s design, it’s time to have it replaced. 

Modern Roofing Solutions For Your Home

Gone are the days of just putting wood shakes, asphalt shingles, or metal panels on your roof. While these are certainly roofing solutions to consider and have their benefits as far as being cost-effective and sustainable, other roofing solutions are more modern in style and that can benefit your home’s curb appeal greatly. Explore a few of them as you read on. 

Slate Roofing

If you want to give your roof a rustic and classic appeal that has a modern flair, then consider slate roofing. Slate tiles are durable and don’t release chemicals into the atmosphere, thus reducing their carbon imprint on the planet. It’s a renewable resource as well, so if being environmentally sound is a concern of yours, then slate is a wise choice. What’s great about slate roofing stylistically is how no two slate tiles look the same and you have your choice of colors and styles to suit your home’s design best. 

Slate is also energy-efficient as it works to control the amount of heat from the sun that gets into your home. It can last a long time just like a metal roof does, only has a far more attractive appeal that can bring your home to a new level of curb appeal and pull the entire property together. 

Solar Shingles

Not necessarily a roofing style on its own but worth mentioning for its modern appeal and sustainability, solar roofing is a wise choice if you have a portion of your home that faces the sun most of the time. You can install a solar roof on top of an existing roof if the roof is in relatively decent condition, or have your roofer repair small areas of your roof and then ready your rooftop for solar panels. Solar panels will help you reduce your reliance on electricity and can make your energy bills much cheaper while adding certain value to your home. 

Copper Roofing

If you have a larger budget and want a natural roofing style that will age well with time, then copper roofing is worth mentioning to your roofer. When copper is first applied to the home, it’s a lovely coppery metallic tint. Over time as it oxidizes, it turns to the oxidized green hue that many people are familiar with and adds its beauty to your property. 

Copper roofing is not only a unique roofing style, it has a lot of artistic value and can make the architecture of any home stand out. You can choose from classic copper panels or simply incorporate copper shingles and other panels into an existing metal roof. If you have a smaller budget, opt for a copper gutter system while you select a more traditional metal roof for the rest of your home. You can decide if copper or other ornate-styled roofing is best for you based on your home’s interior style. This way, you create a cohesive appeal throughout your home’s interior and exterior designs. 

Green Roofing

If you have a cottage, cabin, or other smaller rooftop space and want a more natural appeal in your roof, then consider green roofing. This is where a majority of your rooftop is left designed to allow for plant life and shrubbery, including flowers and other native plant life, to grow on top of your roof. This adds a natural touch to your roof without compromising its integrity or strength since the structural foundation under the earthy rooftop remains intact and strong as ever. 

Wrapping Up

No matter what type of roof you choose, make sure you work with a professional roofer and choose a budget to work with. Your roofer will help you decide the best modern roofing solution to go with your home.

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