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How to Enhance Your Interior Design with Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can be a thoughtful gift for loved ones to celebrate a special occasion or express sympathy. However, they don’t have to be something you only buy for a particular event or reason. Hand-picked or florist-arranged flowers can also enhance your interior design and transform the look and feel of an entire space. 

If you love seeing fresh flowers in your home, but you’re unsure how to use them for aesthetic purposes, you can find some helpful tips below: 

Choose Elegant and Understated Flowers

If you’re the proud owner of a contemporary and minimalist home, a bright and colorful floral arrangement can sometimes look out of place. Instead of an arrangement that threatens to compete with your décor, opt for something that works in harmony with it. Browse the website of an online florist and see what you can find. Simple and elegant flowers like orchids and tulips often work seamlessly with modern furniture and décor. 

Consider Your Color Scheme

When you’re purchasing flowers for aesthetic purposes rather than as a gift, color matters more than you think. Instead of purchasing flowers because you like the color or variety, buy them because they match your home’s color palette

For example, you might choose bright and vibrant flowers to inject a much-needed burst of color into a neutral home. Alternatively, you might tone down the already colorful decorations in your home with flowers of a neutral shade, like white roses or pale hydrangeas

Let Your Flowers Be the Hero

Purchasing flowers for aesthetic reasons likely means you want to put much effort into freshening up your home’s interior design. However, your purchase can all be for nothing if you don’t put effort into placement. 

Let your flowers be the hero. Clear clutter from any table or bench where they’ll be taking pride of place. If your flowers have to ‘compete’ for attention against other décor or items, they’ll be more likely to blend in with the background. 

Don’t Forget the Vase

Vases can be just as important as the flowers you put in them. Not all vases will suit all floral arrangements or home designs. This is where your natural eye for home design can come in handy. Once you’ve identified the best flowers for your home’s interior, consider whether an understated or show-stopping vase is better. 

Simple glass jars and bottles with hand-picked flowers can sometimes be a winning combination. Other times, you might add much-needed vibrancy to a home with a statement vase and simple flowers. Explore different options until you find a combination that suits your tastes.

Place for Enjoyment

Learning that flowers can enhance your interior design might have you purchasing several varieties for different rooms in your house. However, it’s worth considering where you’ll get the most enjoyment out of them. 

Fresh flowers don’t last forever, and there’s often little point in buying them for a spare bedroom that rarely sees visitors. Consider purchasing flowers for communal spaces where you’ll have more opportunities to admire them, such as kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. 

Enhancing your interior design with fresh flowers is easier than you think. Start thinking about your preferred colors, varieties, and placement, and you’ll have a new statement-making decoration in your home in no time. 

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