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Elevating Outdoor Living: Luxurious Deck Design Trends

Outdoor living is getting a makeover. A patio space doesn’t have to be a boring, mosquito-infested space lacking potential. Many homeowners are seeking out high-end outdoor spaces to complement the rest of their homes. The best way to transform a luxury outdoor oasis is through beautiful decking. 

Decks connect the inside of your home to the outdoor world. It can be a space to entertain, cook, relax, or even work. With all this potential, a deck needs to be a luxurious, multi-functional space with high-end materials that will last. These luxury deck trends are nothing but inspiring for any type of home.

Multi-Level Decks

A deck doesn’t have to be small or only on one level. Lately, homeowners are extending their decks to span multiple floors. This not only adds extra space and function to your patio but also creates a more luxurious feel to the entire home. One level can be dedicated to cooking or relaxing, and the other can feature a spa or pool. The possibilities are endless.

Luxury Deck Materials

Low-quality deck materials are prone to rotting and fading, which affects the entire home’s image. Luxury woods such as cedar and redwood make any home look beautiful. Additionally, these woods are sturdy and can withstand the elements much better than other materials. Composite decks are made of multiple materials that are meant to last longer. You can decide which deck materials fit your needs best by discussing it with a local deck builder. You can google ‘deck builder near me’ or ‘local deck materials’ for more tailored information.

Deck Patterns

Many luxury outdoor spaces are using deck wood patterns to add a classy feel that isn’t overly ostentatious. Herringbone is a very popular option, along with diamonds or v-shapes as well. You don’t have to settle for default horizontal or vertical stripes if you don’t want to.

Accent Colors

An accent color goes a long way. A touch of gold or silver on a deck banister or staircase can make a beautiful statement. Multi-colored wood adds a luxurious contrast that can grab attention as well.

Under Deck Space

The space underneath your deck can be functional too! You can reduce the presence of bugs or other animals by transforming the space underneath your deck as well. You can add some concrete or more wood for flooring, comfortable high-end patio furniture, and ceiling fans for an additional relaxation space or office area to work under the shade. If you already have a multi-level deck, this can be an additional level!

Built-In Custom Deck Lighting

Many homeowners are adding illumination directly built into the deck to create a cool, functional space during the evening hours. Instead of untangling lighting cords or finding a spot for a light on the deck, built-in lighting is quick and convenient. You can even use solar-powered lighting to reduce energy bills.

Pools and Spas

A deck is a great space for a pool or hot tub spa. You can create your relaxation oasis directly on your deck space. Many deck builders specialize in creating a custom space right for a built-in pool or spa. You can even dedicate one level of the deck to a pool and the other to a hot tub.


Direct sunlight isn’t your only option for a deck. Pergolas are a beautiful and luxurious option for a partially covered deck space. Trees can offer natural shading if you’re into a nature-inspired look. You can even have adjustable electronic shading to decide when you want a nice tan or a cooler relaxation area.

Kitchens and Fire Pits

A fire pit is a great way to warm up a deck space to enjoy in the cooler months. A modern-style fire pit also adds a high-end, tasteful look to any patio or deck space. Some homeowners even extend their deck to include a full kitchen, complete with a grill, wet bar, wood-fire oven, and more! An outdoor kitchen is a great way to entertain or enjoy a meal without leaving nature’s beauty.

Deck Shapes

Did you know that your deck can take on any shape beyond the traditional rectangle or square? Luxurious decks are adding more unique shapes to their deck space, such as round balconies or octagonal spa decks. A large deck can consist of many different unique shapes for a tailored, high-end look and feel.


A deck made with authentic, durable materials can add a taste of luxury to any home style. As a bonus, you can add your own shape, pattern, and accent color to create an outdoor space that is uniquely yours. Multi-level decks can add more function and versatility to the patio. Don’t forget to choose from a wide variety of shade options to keep cool. Adding a pool, spa, and kitchen can turn your luxury deck into the envy of the neighborhood.

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