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Design Meets Declutter: Incorporating Junk Removal in Your Renovation Plans

A household renovation is a big task - one that requires planning and strategizing. While ordering materials, hiring contractors, and finishing design plans are all important components of a household renovation, how you’ll clean up afterward is just as important to consider. We’ll review how junk removal should be a priority in your household renovation plans.

What Is Post-Renovation Junk Removal?

Post-renovation junk removal includes cleanup and removal of building materials after a renovation project is complete. Household renovations generate a lot of waste from torn-out materials, household fixtures, or excess new materials. Additionally, contractors typically create a lot of waste, which can lead to an abundance of garbage bags filled with trash.

A post-renovation junk removal service manages the after-project cleanup for you. Whether you’re working with professional contractors or completing a smaller home renovation project yourself, a professional junk removal service can ensure the room is spotless after the project is complete.

Why Professional Post-Renovation Junk Removal?

Sure, you could clean up the job site yourself after a renovation. But hiring a professional offers many benefits, including the following:

  • Affordable cleanout: Depending on how much trash a home renovation project generates, you may be left with a lot of waste. Bagging, securing, loading, transporting, and unloading a lot of debris can get expensive fast. Professional junk removal services typically have larger trucks or dumpster rentals that can accommodate more debris, leading to more affordable costs for you.
  • Cleaner environment: After completing a project, you may be left with sharp nails, contaminated drywall, or other dangerous household debris. Leaving this stuff at the job site too long can pose a danger to you and your family. A professional will promptly remove these items and safely dispose of them in the appropriate location. A clean environment also means you’re ready for post-project inspection faster.
  • Less risk of injury: Transporting a removed bathtub or stove to your truck and then again to the junkyard can put you at risk of physical injury. Professional junk removal companies have special tools and training that help minimize this risk.
  • Industry connections: You may be limited to how much trash you can put out for your weekly pickup, making it difficult to get rid of a large amount of debris after a renovation. Additionally, traditional trash pickup services typically limit pickup allowances to smaller items. Even if you were to visit a local junkyard, you’re limited to how much stuff you can transport per load. A professional has processes in place that make it easier and faster to get rid of large collections of debris.

When to Hire Professional Junk Removal During Renovation

It’s never too early to consider your junk removal options when planning a household renovation. Whether you’re doing minor updates to the bathroom or completely remodeling the kitchen, scheduling your post-renovation junk removal service as early as possible can help get rid of some of the stresses of household projects.

One of the first things to do when choosing the best junk removal company for your renovation project is to compare your available options in the area. Choose a Minneapolis, Twin Cities metro area junk removal company that offers competitive pricing on the services you need the most. The typical cost of post-renovation cleanup will significantly vary, depending on the project.

You can also request a free obligation quote before agreeing to a junk removal service. This gives you a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for removal services. An initial estimate is also a helpful tool that can give you a range of how much you can expect to pay for cleanup following your renovation.

How to Choose the Right Junk Removal Company

Like any other contractor you might hire, your experience largely depends on the junk removal company you hire. You want a reliable, safe, and professional junk removal company. You want a company that is willing to pick up your waste in a timely manner following your project completion. Otherwise, you’re left with a half-finished project.

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best junk removal company is licensure and insurance. You want to choose a company with the proper protections in place. It can also be helpful to consider the specific services and level of involvement a company requires from you when choosing the right company. For example, some junk removal companies may only pick up your belongings once you have moved them out of the house. Others offer a more full, comprehensive service, which means you simply point, and they remove the items you no longer want.

Professional junk removal services can be beneficial at the completion of a home renovation project. Even the smallest of home renovations can produce a significant amount of waste, which can be expensive and laborious to get rid of yourself. Instead, consider leaving it to the professionals while you sit back and enjoy your recent renovations.

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