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Create a Relaxing Retreat with 2024's Hottest Home Decor Trends

Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a world that constantly puts us under a lot of stress, where everything is fast-paced, and when sometimes, it can be challenging to just stop and breathe for a second because there's no time for it.

But no matter how hectic and busy your life is, you must always find some time for yourself and for relaxation. If you do not have the means or time for any particular location, then you can convert the space you live in into a relaxing retreat.

After all, there's nothing better than to enjoy the serene vibe and ambiance in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to know how you can create your own personal oasis where you'll forget about all your troubles, then just cast your eyes on these tips below.

Enjoy And Simultaneously Boost Your Curb Appeal With Lovely Shutters

There are items that were simply "born" to be multi-purpose. And that's exactly what shutters are. They will not only improve your curb appeal, and make your property a lot more visually pleasing, but they will allow you to enjoy the peace and quiet that you've been longing for.

There are numerous reasons why so many homeowners opt for them. One of the main ones is the fact that they'll allow you to have privacy without losing natural light. Since shutters are generally very flexible, they will enable you to control the visibility, adjusting the level of privacy that suits you the most.

Apart from that, they allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight that’s going to enter your household. Since they are very easy to maneuver, you’ll be able to quickly decrease glare, diffuse light, and many other things.

Last but not least, they are an ideal way to take the appearance of your space to the next level with their wonderful design. Speaking of the design, as mentioned on Portside Shutters, nowadays, you can hunt down a variety of interesting and different shutter designs. The most popular ones are Plantation shutters, Frameless shutters, etc.

Neutral Colors Are The Best For These Purposes

If you want to opt for something that will not only soothe your soul but your eyes as well, then your top choice should be neutral colors. They are generally a much better option than the bright ones.

According to a vast majority of interior designers, precisely neutral colors are the ones that promote serenity and are generally synonymous with calmness and relaxation, which is ideal for the ones who want to convert their place into a calm oasis.

In these types of situations, it would be smart to select the colors such as flat white, beige, or taupe. If you decide to have flat white walls, then make sure to add shades like pale tan, gold, or faded yellow because, otherwise, your space is going to look a little bit dull and plain.

It’s All About The Light And Scents

Lighting is one of the most essential aspects of this venture you need to focus on if you want to set a relaxing ambiance in your house. If you make the right choice as far as this is concerned, you’ll end up residing in a space that’s going to relieve any stress and anxiety you might be feeling lately.

You have probably noticed (if you ever went there) that literally every spa center utilizes candles and dim lights when they want to create a peaceful atmosphere. And that's precisely what you should do.

Since shutters were already mentioned, it’s time to talk about other things that you can employ that are going to help you accomplish this. For example, you can buy table lamps, or LED strips if you want to accomplish layered illumination. 

Furthermore, make sure to opt for bulbs that are in warmer colors, such as orange, and/or yellow. If you've never experimented with these things before, then don't be afraid to do it now because only then you will be able to determine which combination exudes that serene and calming vibe the most.

Another thing that you can add, is an interesting, yet soothing scent. Scents that generally promote relaxation the most are vanilla, honey, chamomile, and lavender. All of them are going to make you feel calm and relaxed, and, at the same time, light up your mood.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Even though this one has nothing to do with décor, it’s still advice that must be mentioned, because, without it, no home can ever look peaceful and relaxing. On the contrary. Do you really think that your house can make you feel calm if there’s clutter in every corner of it? 

When that's the case, no meditation, yoga, or anything else that's considered soothing is going to help you unwind because you'll be continuously disrupted by the mess and chaos. That's why, before you embark on your mindful journey, you should first properly clean and declutter the place you live in, and obtain things that are necessary for this whole endeavor, like a yoga mat, calming music, and many others. 

Don’t Forget The Fireplace

Although now is definitely not the time to use your fireplace, it doesn’t instantly mean that you cannot utilize it for these purposes too, even during summer and spring. The point is that it’s going to help you have that relaxing atmosphere you’ve been yearning for.

So what are you supposed to do to make it happen? For starters, you should put some calming and lovely décor to your walls, and in front of your fireplace. By doing so, you are going to have a comfy vignette.

When you are not utilizing your fireplace, you can make it look more vivid and vibrant by putting a decorative screen, or even an arrangement of pillar candles. If you just leave it like that (meaning do not decorate it in any way), your space will look gloomy.

Your home is supposed to be your shelter, some sort of refuge where you get to escape whenever you feel tired from the outside world, and the different issues you constantly deal with. Therefore, if you want to accomplish that sense of peace, then you should definitely follow all these tips.

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