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Compare Mattress Types: Discover the Best Mattress for You

Explore and compare mattress types to find the best option for you. Learn which mattress suits your sleeping preferences!

Studies show that a bed can last about ten years before it needs replacement. However, this depends on multiple conditions, such as the mattress type, how much time you've spent in it, and more.

Once it comes time to find a new mattress, going about the best mattress comparison is an important step. But how can you compare mattress types best, and what will become the top mattresses in 2023 and later?

If you're curious about finding the best mattress, we're here to help. Read on to learn more about which are the best mattresses for sleep.

Types of Mattresses

There are plenty of different types of mattresses to choose from for a sleep mattress comparison. These vary in pricing, lifespan, firmness, and more. Here's a brief mattress types guide.


An innerspring mattress is one of the most common. These are budget mattresses that usually last about five years or more.

Innerspring mattresses are made up of a layer of coiled springs. These springs are surrounded by comfortable material to stop the springs from poking into you.

Innerspring mattresses provide firm support and are cheaper than most other types. However, they wear out more quickly and don't relieve pressure on joints. They also can become noisy as time goes on.

Foam Mattress

A foam mattress comes in several forms: memory, gel-infused, and polyfoam. All of these are similar in price ranges, but memory foam mattresses are cheaper than the others.

Foam mattresses are better for people with joint pain and for those who want a quiet mattress. Having no springs means there's no noise, and they're also more durable as you won't have to worry about springs wearing out. They also absorb motion, which is great for people sharing a bed with a restless sleeper.

However, they aren't without their disadvantages. The softness can cause a bit of a "sinking" feeling, which isn't ideal for people who prefer firm mattresses. They also don't provide the support that some sleepers prefer.

They also can trap body heat and are more expensive. Some people prefer innerspring mattresses like a queen bed in a box, but foam mattresses are still popular.

Hybrid Mattress

Finally, some people prefer hybrid mattresses. As the name suggests, these are mattresses that combine innerspring and foam mattress construction.

The bottom layer consists of high-density foam, followed by thick coil springs. Three types of foam are on top of those springs to combine softness and firm support.

These are ideal for people who want a variety of firmness. They're most popular among couples who have different preferences for mattress firmness. They also do a better job of dispersing heat than foam mattresses.

How to Compare Mattress Types Best

Understanding how to compare mattress types best means taking stock of what matters most to you. We suggest innerspring mattresses on a budget or if you prefer firmer mattresses. Foam mattresses are ideal for softer, pillowy beds, while hybrid mattresses sit somewhere between the two.

Interested in more informative reads? Be sure to browse the rest of our site to learn more!

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