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Beyond Glass: Inspirational Ideas for Transforming Your Home's Windows

Living in a house that doesn't have windows is simply unimaginable. Fortunately, there aren't any houses of that kind. However, have you ever wondered what your house would look like if that were the case?

Not only would it look completely unappealing, but you also would never be able to tell whether it is day or night outside. This just goes to show how essential windows are and how it’s always a good idea to prioritize them whenever we have the means and time, of course.

Since they are an integral component of the household, it would be great to take a look at the tips that were compiled today because they will tell you exactly what to do to drastically transform your windows.

Let’s Start With The Window Shutter

One of the most effective ways to embellish your windows is by considering window shutters. What’s great about them is the fact that these days, you can stumble upon different, lovely designs that are able to embellish any home, and above everything, your windows.

For starters, you should consider something that’s authentic, that’s going to make your house stand out from any other in the nearby area. If your shutters are relatively old, then having new ones is the only logical step.

You should opt for the shade that can blend with the frame color of your windows, along with the walls of your house. For example, if you have a beige wall, then the best option in these instances, is to consider having a white or brown color because it is a generally amazing combination.

On the flip side, if your walls are brown, then green or yellow might not be such a bad idea. Generally speaking, it doesn’t hurt to completely alter the overall look of the shutter altogether.

Why Don’t You Replace Your Windows? 

Windows are not an omnipotent thing that never has any issues. In fact, just like everything else, they are susceptible to various problems and that’s something that a vast majority of homeowners dealt with at some point.

The most common issue when it comes to this is that your window is simply stuck shut, so you cannot open it, or maybe you can if you apply the force, which can make things even worse because you just might break it.

Therefore, instead of trying to do the unimaginable, it would simply be better to replace the window. Why is window replacement so beneficial? Massive aesthetes at Florence Window think that it’s a phenomenal idea due to the fact that not only will something like this make your household a lot more secure, but it will also positively affect the energy efficiency of your home.

That's because brand-new windows have much better insulation in comparison to the older ones, hence they do not need as much energy to regulate the temperature. When you have new windows, it means that your HVAC system will no longer be forced to work hard, which means less usage of energy.

What About Decorative Window Panels And Valances?

One of the best ways to spruce up your windows in the blink of an eye is by opting for decorative window panels and valances. There are numerous places where you can run into a vast selection of fabrics and styles.

Possibly the best place to go to for starters, is the Home Depot because its selection of these items is truly unbelievable. If you are yearning to add some pattern to any area of your house, then this is the place to go.

Consider Changing The Glass

If there’s one element that has a general impact on your windows, it’s without a doubt, the glass. If you want to drastically change the appearance of your windows, yet obtain something of a nice quality, then you should first consider what type of glass would help you accomplish that.

If you ask us, you should acquire glass, that will not only make your windows look much more visually appealing but will also provide you with more light, and at the same time, security too.

For the time being, one of the most desirable options, and something that a lot of people resort to, is tinted glass. If you are interested in this whole incognito appearance, then this is definitely a great option for you.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's the only option in the world. In fact, reflective glass is another superb one that is capable of offering amazing insulation throughout the day. Not to mention the fact that your windows are going to instantly become shinier, which is going to make your property look even more spectacular. 

Therefore, if you ask us, these two suggestions are the best as far as this is concerned, however, if you think there’s a better one, then opt for that one. The whole point of this segment was to remind you of how important it is to change the glass if you’re looking to transform your windows.

Let’s Discuss Outdoor Shades

Spring has already arrived, and summer is just around the corner, which means that you can expect more sunlight during the day. If you have a balcony that’s generally exposed to a lot of sunlight, then you should definitely take outdoor shades into account.

There are numerous benefits to them. For starters, they will take the appearance of your windows and house to the next level. Plus, they are also very functional. What we love about them (just like many other people), is the fact that they will still allow you to enjoy the view and the light, however, the sunlight won’t be as “strong” as it is when your windows are not covered with them.

Aside from all these aforementioned benefits, we would also like to remind you that they are very resilient and are able to withstand harsh sunlight, mold, and moisture.

Many seasoned interior and exterior designers will tell you that windows are one of the most pivotal elements in a room design, therefore, if you want to make sure they look representative, then you should definitely implement some of these tips above.

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