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Timeless Interior Design Styles to Elevate Your Home Decor

Your home's interior design style defines the atmosphere, mood, and aesthetics of your home. Your choice of design also reflects your personality — and there are some tried-and-tested design schemes that are known to always make a good impression. To help you choose the best-suited design style for your luxury home and its decor, we at Kevin Francis Design have rounded up timeless interior design styles worth researching.

Modern Minimalism 

This interior design style focuses on simplicity and functionality, using neutral colors, clean lines, and a minimal amount of decorative elements. It makes space for enhanced utility and creates an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and comfort.


This style features a classic and timeless design aesthetic, incorporating formal furnishings, ornate details, and classic designs to give your home a touch of elegance that establishes a timeless atmosphere for years to come.


This design style features raw, unfinished materials such as wood, brick, and steel. Its interior elements showcase high ceilings, exposed beams, ductwork, or pipes that give any home a fascinating loft style.


 This style involves incorporating design styles from various time periods, creating a charming and nostalgic feel in your home. Create a vintage ambiance with classic furniture pieces, antique rugs, or unique architectural pieces.


This design style has clean lines, bold geometric shapes, and vibrant colors, creating an atmosphere that exudes energy and excitement. It has a creative edge with bold accent colors, textures, and furniture pieces.

Finding the perfect interior design style that aligns with your luxury home decor needs can be daunting. However, with timeless interior design styles mentioned above, you can develop an idea of what might work for the layout of your home, and for your personality. The key is to strike a balance between the design elements, colors, and patterns while incorporating your lifestyle into the design. Check out some of Kevin Francis’ design portfolio for more inspiration.

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