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SUNSERIES No. 1, 2, 3, 4 Framed Studies on Paper


Vivid color palettes and a melange of textured media define the SUNSERIES works on paper, with layers of washed color, gestural marks, and a burning sun on each piece. As a self-proclaimed heliophile, the sun represents more than just the intense summer days of Georgia heat, but also the oscillating relationship between the weather and my emotional state. I've always felt this intrinsic connection with the sun, and this series showcases that relationship through electric colors and innate compositions.

These first four studies from this new series are sold as a set of four, as seen in the Apartment Therapy SMALL/COOL NYC installation in Industry City, Brooklyn. 

11x15 acrylic, charcoal, and spray paint on watercolor paper in white lacquer frame


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