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Master Bedroom Vintage Rug in West Midtown

This project was produced in partnership with Revival.
One of the trickiest parts of moving into a new house is fitting the puzzle pieces of your old furniture decor into the new layout of your home. When we moved my mom out of Dove Hill, we actually sold quite a lot of the furniture and decor along with the house to the new owners. This left us with the opportunity to bring in some new pieces in the new Westside townhouse design, and I recently unrolled one of the newest additions to the house - a beautiful vintage Turkish rug from Revival Rugs. It is the perfect addition to my mom’s bedroom, where some color and soul was needed to zhush up the pieces we’d brought in from the old master bedroom design at Dove Hill. See how the new rug looks in this space below!
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One of the great things about this new townhouse is the natural light, and my mom’s bedroom is definitely light and bright. But with white walls and neutral furniture, the space needed more color and contrast. I looked for a rug that would fill most of the walkable area of the room, with enough color to make an impact but not enough to overwhelm things!
I love how the rug I chose has a faded, muted color palette but still reads as a bright element in the design, tying together the red accents I added for a unifying design thread.  The rug is just approximately 7x10.5 feet, so I taped together four 3x5 rug pads to make a customized size that would fit best and provide some cushion underfoot.
With older, handmade rugs like these, I would recommend a plusher pad (especially in bedrooms)! It feels so soft and makes the room so much more inviting with this as the foundation for the space.  
I love bringing in these touches of bright cherry red into the room for a bit of warmth with the grey curtains we added to the windows. There are still some more tweaks I’d like to make to this room but I’m thrilled with the addition of this beautiful master bedroom vintage rug and its inspiration for the rest of the decor…

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