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5 Tips for an Outdoor Area Redesign


So we're spending around $48 billion on lawn and gardening equipment every year, which tells us we love a bit of time in the garden. There is no better way to settle the desire to embrace the great outdoors than by conveniently doing it right in our own backyards. 

Is it time to redesign your garden to create a space that captivates your senses and draws the entire family into the open air? When designed correctly, your backyard is perfect for entertaining, dining, playing, or simply basking in the sun. We have five fun ideas to help inspire you to get this going!

Idea #1: Adding a backyard storage shed

If you're eyeing that empty patch of your backyard and thinking, "Why not add a shed?" The answer is likely a big yes. The opportunities open up with your own little storage kingdom. It could be a secret lair for your gardening gear, an easily accessible space for the lawnmower, or just a hideout for things you don't want cluttering up the garage. 

When choosing your backyard storage shed, you'll need to run a shed-yard compatibility test. Size and shape matter. If you're the proud owner of a sprawling backyard, you've got the green light for shed options galore. Smaller spaces are not off the list, though, as sheds are very customizable; you may just have to be a bit more reserved. Consider your yard's dimensions – we don't want a shed hogging all the limelight. It's about finding that sweet spot where your shed stands tall without overshadowing the rest of your outdoor space. Remember, any extra storage is good extra storage!

Idea #2: Prioritize a patio revamp 

When we look for design inspiration for our homes, we often think there are restrictions in the backyard that don't apply to our interiors. This is different, though! Many simple tweaks can make a big difference if your patio's lost that lovin' feeling. It can be as simple as adding some vibrant cushions that make your outdoor furniture pop or adding an outdoor rug. Introduce patterns that speak to your vibe, transforming your patio into a stylish escape.

Create a vertical garden by hanging those planters like living artworks. Add a water feature for good measure, and remember, concrete patios are great for durability and low maintenance, but the design possibilities are also almost endless. They are like a blank canvas waiting for your creative genius. 

Idea #3: Bask in the warm glow of a crackling fire

Every homeowner has been tempted by the irresistible world of outdoor fireplaces. Installing an outdoor fireplace creates an inviting atmosphere that beckons you and your crew to gather around. The beauty of outdoor fireplaces lies in the myriad of options you have at your fingertips. Fancy a rustic, natural feel? A classic wood-burning fire pit, crafted from the timeless embrace of stone or bricks, might be your winner. Prefer things sleek and modern? A gas fire pit with clean lines will take your outdoor aesthetic to a new level. 

The goal is to ensure your fireplace seamlessly blends with your home's architecture, creating a visual that transitions seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. You can also consider a fire table, which combines the enchantment of a fire pit with the practicality of a table. Host gatherings around a flickering flame, all while having a stylish platform to rest your drinks and snacks. 

Idea #4: Avoid the neighbors' curious glances and the relentless sun

Privacy and shade are big focus areas for any outdoor redesign. For something chic and practical, aim for pergolas and trellises. These elegant structures provide shade but can be aesthetically improved by adding vines climbing gracefully, weaving a curtain of greenery for added privacy, and inviting nature to be your stylish companion in the great outdoors.

For versatility, think of outdoor curtains. They're not just for fancy interiors; they're the ultimate outdoor fashion statement. Just draw the curtains when you crave shade or want to cloak your space in privacy. With a palette of colors and styles at your fingertips.

Finally, there's Mother Nature's solution: trees. Planting tall, dense trees strategically is like installing your green bodyguard. They shield your space from prying eyes and offer a cool embrace.

Pro tip: Aesthetics matter. Enhancing privacy and shade is not just about function; it's about finesse. Choose materials and colors that work in harmony with your outdoor surroundings. You want these additions to feel like they've always been there, not like they crash-landed from another planet.

Idea #5: Create clean lines for uncluttered elegance

In our experience, most backyard redesigners want a modern look with their update. This means sleek, minimalist vibes without the hassle of constant upkeep. This can be paver patios stretching out with minimalist planters strategically placed, mostly opting for the potted variety. In the world of modern design, it's less about the lush greenery and more about the materials. 

Modern backyards are defined by a palette of pale colors, monochromatic aesthetics, and a selection of plants that demand little attention – think Japanese boxwoods, bamboo, foxtail ferns, and mountain laurels, your green companions in the world of modern chic. When it comes to choosing the foundation of your modern masterpiece, think sleek, think large-scale, and think monochromatic. These are the most important ingredients for a modern look that will stay in fashion for quite a while.

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