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Spring Mid-Century Modern Edit with AllModern

(via Kevin Francis Design - Tye Street Project Reveal)


It’s finally spring! In celebration of the new season, I wanted to share how I refresh my space by adding mid-century modern touches with the help of my friends at AllModern. One of the easiest ways to add a touch of mid-century modern style to your home is with furniture. Check out this interview with Kevin Francis Design founder and Atlanta interior designer, Kevin O'Gara for tips on incorporating mid-century design into your home decor.

AllModern: How are you feeling as the season changes and spring returns? What kind of mindset are you in currently and how is that reflected (or not yet!) in your space?

Blogger: I'm excited for the return of warm weather, which always energizes me and inspires me to bring a fresh update to my decor. This year, I'm focused on adding mid-century modern touches to my space. I love the clean lines and simple silhouettes of mid-century furniture, and the way it can add a touch of retro style to any room.

AllModern: Mid-Century modern design is known for its neutral tones with pops of color and personality. What personally are you excited about this spring- what gives you that extra burst of energy and joy in the day?

Blogger: I'm especially excited about seeing lavender tones this year in home decor. I think the soothing pale purple and lilac tones are going to be celebrated as a complement to soft greens and blues that are known to be super calming in color palettes. I'm already seeing these colors appearing in mid-century furniture and home accessories, and I can't wait to incorporate them into my own space.

AllModern: How are you inviting freshness into your home this spring- clean bedding, potted plants, new curtains?

Blogger: I've always found that curtains can make one of the biggest differences in home decor . This spring, I'm adding a wider set of curtains to my bedroom to bring in a softened, springtime feel. I love how the curtains add dimension to a room without being too overwhelming, and they are functional too as they're super important to regulating room temperatures, preventing UV damage from direct sunlight, and regulating sleep in the bedroom.

AllModern: Mid-Century modern design focuses on supporting eye-catching “hero pieces” with cleaner, more natural accents. Any new statement pieces for your space that you’re excited about?

Blogger: I love a good statement piece like a velvet armchair or sculptural coffee table. I'll always lean towards clean lines for larger upholstered pieces and then detailed accents and unique accessories. This year, I'm planning on bringing more texture into my space with vintage finds, carved wood and inlay details, and architectural accents like obelisks. I think texture can really add depth and interest to a room, and it's easy to overlook the depth of dark and medium-tone woods that give mid-century case goods such a great gravitas.

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