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How to Style Your Living Room With Summer Decor

Living rooms were made for relaxing, so giving yours a fresh look is a great idea if you are looking to have a laid-back summer. The clear blue skies and elevating summer sunlight will serve as an inspiration to beautify your living room space with bright colors. A single piece of reupholstered furniture in a vibrant shade can make all the difference. Today, we'll be sharing some of the many ways you could decorate your living room space for the summer. 


Succulents and cacti are quickly becoming everyone's choice for indoor planting. There are several ways to instantly transform a wintery living room space into a summer sanctuary with just a few well-placed cacti. You can bring out your home's architectural features further with undressed windows and stripped floors. You could also add a warm gray to the walls to enhance the beauty of coving, dado rails, and architraves. 

Fresh Textiles and Pillows 

A change to your textiles and pillows is always refreshing and would instantly make a difference in your living room space. It's also important to know that the repetition of certain gentle colors gives your living room space a sense of unity. You could also go with these textile and pillow colors on your area rug

Include More Natural Textures 

Natural textures will always convey a summery feeling, as they are usually present in every part of coastal design. Driftwood, rattan, wood, jute, and wicker all provide a feeling of the sunshine and beach days. 

Bright Colors

Bright accent colors will uplift your neutral space. By simply switching accessories, you can take your space from spring to summer. Opt for a rusty, vivid shade of orange that will bring out the cheer in your living room. 

Vases and Florals 

You can get away from buying new decorations every season by repurposing what you already have. You can easily mix in fresh florals and greenery, or create something new from thrift store finds. Collect beautiful flowers and greenery and safeguard them when they are not in use. This way, you have a wide array of florals to switch around and give your living room space a new look every season, without having to go shopping each time. 


There is something summery about having terracotta in your living room, especially aged ones. What makes them even better is that with some paint, you can give your terracotta and vases a new look every season. 

Include Artwork 

Artwork is always a great way to open up your living room space. Put some thought into what you would love to see on your living room walls as you walk in. This could be a gallery of pictures or any form of artwork that puts a smile on your face. You could also reuse them if you move from one apartment to another. Osmon moving and storage is a company that could aid with the safe transportation and storage of your artwork.

As the sun is beginning to peak out and we all prepare for that time of the year again, these are great interior decor ideas that will evoke that feel and look of the summertime in your living room. 

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