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Advice For Freshening Up A Home Media Space

When we think of a gaming room or a film and television space, what do you think of? Most of us imagine a basement space converted into a form of home cinema or a teenager’s room filled with game consoles, closed curtains, and windows that haven’t been opened in months. It’s a shame that media entertainment stations in a home are often linked to isolation, dingy and tired lighting, and a lack of welcoming and airy surroundings.

Such an environment can lead to a fair amount of discomfort. But does your home have to be like that? After all, no hard and fast rule says the cinephile or tech aficionado has to live in a spaceship-like environment with a thousand RGB lights and not much design sense past that. 

So, let’s bust that common misconception and consider a few nice alternatives you could make when designing a lovely home that just happens to have the best entertainment tech. This way, you can enjoy the best movies or video games without feeling guilty or like you’re detaching from the world to do so.

Add Cable Routing Behind Fixtures & Under Carpet

One of the main culprits for a cluttered, unappealing gaming or media room is the tangle of cables snaking across the floor and walls. All those HDMI, power, and audio cables can quickly make a space feel messy and unfinished, even causing a trip hazard if you’re unlucky. The solution is to get those cords out of sight through some simple cable routing tricks.

You can run cables behind mounted TV units, bookshelves, or other fixtures where possible. You can also thread them behind baseboards or feed them under area rugs and carpeting. Invest in some affordable cable cover tubes to keep bundles neat and contained along walls. A few basic routing steps instantly get rid of those horrid cables.

Use Helpful Stands That Organize

Rather than letting consoles, controllers, TV boxes and accessories pile up without care, it’s wise to use dedicated media stands and cabinets to keep everything tidy and within reach. Opt for pieces with enclosed shelving to hide tangled messes of device connections and cord clusters. You can even use an universal remote to avoid constantly losing it or dealing with five different options for each piece of tech. Stands with segments for each component helps you divide and even hide items when needed. This way, the space looks so much better.

Use Lighter Fabrics & Lighting For Airy Aesthetics

Our idea of dingy gaming rooms tend to feature heavy blackout curtains, dim lighting, and dark upholstered furniture - creating a closed-off, cave-like ambiance only appealing to a teenage lad. But this brooding style isn't necessary at all.

We’d recommend implementing sheer, lightweight window coverings that filter in plenty of natural light. You can layer different lamp sources for ambient and task lighting control - even colored if you prefer it. Use light-colored fabrics such as boucle fabric for throws, place rugs, and wall paint to keep the vibes of your space feeling open and airy. It will make a difference, trust us on that.

With this advice, you’re certain to freshen up that home media space to look its best, while also challenging the industry narrative of movie-watchers, gamers, and other people who enjoy a night in rotting in a room with no design sense.

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