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20 Design Ideas for Luxury Apartments

Evoking the right feel in a cozy luxury apartment requires a careful eye for design and decor. The wrong layout or presentation can ruin any style. While many people lift ideas and preferences from Pinterest, Instagram, and other sources, luxury apartment design is about more than just doing it and ensuring every element relates to the overall theme.

There are many ways to redefine luxury in design, decor, and presentation. Here are some design ideas for luxury apartments to inspire you!

Dark and Moody Rooms

Dark, moody rooms are sophisticated and stylish. You may opt to limit this design to a bedroom; however, dark and moody works almost anywhere and can make up the entirety of your apartment.

Symmetry Soothes

Incorporate symmetry into your apartment. Try to have double decor, dual doors, mirrors, and similar pairings throughout your living space. This will only enhance the area and make it more visually appealing.

Put a Hobby on Display

Buck a trend. Put a hobby on display. Nurture your interests by showcasing them and making your apartment yours. Hobby items add a personal touch to a luxury apartment, combining your personal interests with opulence.

Lighting Fixtures

Decorative lighting fixtures in individual rooms or throughout the apartment can add personality. From chandeliers to pendants, various decor aesthetics have hundreds of possibilities.

Add a Wine Bottle Holder

Especially if you intend to entertain often, have a wine bottle holder ready to hold your favourite bottles.

Styled Glass and Mirrors

Luxury apartments have glass and mirrors. Choose styled decorations or frames around mirrors in your space. The trim and overall presentation of floor-to-ceiling glass and mirrors can add drama.

Pair Dark with Wood

High-quality wood, such as pine or cedar, can take centerstage over a dark, moody colour backdrop. Consider how wood can blend wood into your luxury apartment aesthetic.

Layer Textures on Walls

Make your walls bold and interesting with texture. Add a slight hint of eccentricity through layering textures and crafting simple character-driven textures that attract the eye.

Rich Stone

A rich stone in your interior has a palatial feel. It adds grandeur you can't get with other materials. Luxury stones can be added to a luxury apartment as tiles, slabs, furniture, or decor.

Monochromatic Color

Pick a room to adorn in one colour. A monochromatic colour scheme for a bathroom will be noticed. It can create a striking juxtaposition to your luxury apartment's calm and classy aspects.

Add Plants

Add simple, easy-care-for plants to your luxury apartment design. A simple freestanding tree set in the corner, a small succulent on a side table, or a hanging plant can add life to a minimalist area.

Create Zones

In any open-concept layout, create zones with specified purposes, such as an area for working from home, another for your hobby, and another for entertainment. Consider using partitions to separate these areas.

Explore Old Architectural Styles

Look to the past when choosing an overarching theme. You should look for inspiration in Art Deco, Baroque, and other heritage architectural styles.

Don't Block a View

Keep it for any luxury apartment owner or tenant with a pleasant view from your apartment window. Do not block or filter what comes in. Let the natural light shine unhindered by furniture.

Smart Home Tech

Where you feel comfortable, add smart home tech, such as temperature controls, motorized automated blinds, adjustable lighting controls, and more. Program everything on a schedule so you don't need to adjust manually every day.

Fine-Tune Your Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet is a fantastic wellness space and our favourite in a luxury apartment. Make your walk-in your retreat with artistic flourishes, ample organization, and stunning decor.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents can add quirk to your apartment, reflecting light around the room and introducing new materials. However, it is important to keep metal as an accent and not overdo its inclusion.

Gold and Brass Handles

A keen way to add metals, such as gold and brass, is in drawer handles, doorknobs, light switch plates, and more. Metal hardware will infuse your space with plenty of zing.

Pastel Shades in Fabrics

When dressing your luxury apartment with fabrics, choose pastel shades. Subtle, relaxing, and soothing, earthy pastel tones can heal and restore mental positivity.

Statement-Worthy Art

Give your living space some statement-making art pieces. These could be bold abstracts, album covers, wallpaper motifs, or any colour or image representing you.

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