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18 Basement Renovations Ideas on a Budget


Basements can be converted for many uses. For a property owner who wants a basement renovation, they have lots of options. As an underground space, basements have a finite amount of square footage. However, you can turn it into any design you want.

From converting your basement into a separate rental unit to having it as your private home theatre, here are some basement renovation ideas on a budget. These basement renovation ideas can inspire your next project.

Partially Renovate Your Basement

Does your budget limit you? Renovation only covers a portion of your basement. See what needs it most. Focus on what you can do with the least money to make this room livable and comfortable.

Make an Accent Wall

No one expects an accent wall in a basement. Make a statement. Add millwork, moulding, wallpaper, or contrasting paint. If you have guests in your basement at least semi-regularly, an accent wall is a way to add depth, texture, colour, and dimension, and it's very budget-friendly to make.

Have The Gym You've Always Wanted

Gyms are excellent ideas for basement renovations. This involves ensuring the electrical work is ready to accept whatever equipment you put in.

Set Up a Home Office

Your basement may be the quietest, most secluded part of your home. It's the perfect spot for a home office. Install cabinets, a desk, shelving, and other standard office accessories and designs.

Renovate Your Lighting

A basement lacking lighting and low ceilings could be more inviting. Switch out light fixtures to instantly improve a room's look and feel. Consider wall sconces or ceiling lighting. Avoid hanging fixtures and fixtures that take up more space than necessary.

Make It a Laundry Room

If the washer and dryer are already in your basement, take advantage of that! Put in some closed cabinetry, a proper sink with countertop space to work on stains and renovate your basement to reflect a luxurious laundry room.

Install a Closet

Every basement needs storage space, no matter how it's used. Consider a closet in addition to any shelving or storage cabinets you may have available in the area.

Create a Library

Fans of books and literature can display their word collections in a basement library. Walls with open shelving are simple and affordable to build. Bookcases can be attached easily, or the space can be renovated to incorporate built-ins.

Redo Your Flooring

Many types of flooring are affordable and suitable for basements. Cheap carpet tiles and flooring exist, including foam mat squares, laminate flooring, planks, and vinyl tile. Consider concrete paint or a special coat that makes your flooring look new if it's concrete.

Create the Ultimate Entertainment Center

Make your basement into an entertainment hub with built-in storage, a flat-screen display, speakers and audio systems, and storage for any consoles, DVDs, or entertainment-related items you have.

Address Any Broken Essentials

If your basement has broken essential components, address them before renovations. Be it a furnace, water heater, washing machine, dryer hook-up, or electrical panel, if any of these or similar utilities are not functioning properly, your budget must start here first.

Develop It Into a Kids' Playroom

A basement may be the ultimate playroom. Install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and renovate it according to your kids' preferences and interests.

Convert It Into a Home Bar

Create a home bar in your basement by repainting the walls bright, installing shelf lighting, using custom storage, and more. Consider ways to display liquor and have comfortable seating for you and your guests.

Redo the Stairs

Renovate your basement stairs. If storage still needs to be added, consider adding trim and a handrail that suits your basement's style.

Repaint The Basement Walls and Ceiling

Update your basement with a fresh coat of paint. Ideally, you want to use a light colour to make the area feel brighter and warmer.

Add a Window

If your basement lacks natural light, add some by creating outside windows. If your basement can be converted, this is an excellent way to invest your budget.

Divide Up Your Basement

Divide your basement with room dividers or furniture to separate different zones. Provide a clear purpose for spaces in your basement, and consciously add more flow to the floor plan. There are many ways to block off areas in a large open-concept basement.

Convert It Into a Spa or Relaxation Space

If you already have a bathroom in your basement, more homeowners are renovating this part of their home for rest, relaxation, and a spa-esque environment. Create a retreat for yourself in your own home.

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